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The Whispering Oaks Homeowners Association, Inc. (WOHA), a Texas non-profit corporation, was formed March 13, 1975, for the sole purpose of serving the community’s needs, such as: coordinating activities with the city and other government agencies, arranging for such security as desired by the membership, providing for maintenance and enhancement of common areas and perimeter fences, providing programs to welcome new residents to the subdivision, and providing the environment within which social contacts among neighbors can develop spontaneously.

To promote these aims a Board of Directors is elected once a year at a duly called meeting of Association members on an announced day in September. From these elected Directors, officers and committee heads are chosen to perform the work of the Homeowners Association.

Annual Dues

Beginning with the 2017-2018 fiscal year, the annual Membership dues will be $125.00. The fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th. Dues notices and applications with Directory information are mailed annually and may be returned to the Association at its regular address (see above).

Block Captain Program

The Block Captain program is a program where one person volunteers/is chosen for each block or small group of blocks. The primary purpose was to provide information and to facilitate contact and communication among neighbors, and to the Association.

  1. The Block Captain should contact all residents in his/her block and provide information about the Association, the Swim Club, and the Garden Club. The Block Captain should be another and better means for each resident member to communicate his/her concerns to the Association. There are many situations and/or problems that the Board may not be aware of, unless someone tells us.
  2. Meetings organized by the Block Captains are another way to develop social contacts with your immediate neighbors.
  3. The Block Captains should become acquainted with each new resident and make them feel welcome and included in our neighborhood.
  4. The block captain should encourage every resident to become a member of the Association and promptly pay their dues each year.
  5. This should provide the Board with additional information, concerning resources and expertise in the neighborhood that may be useful at some point of time.

COP Program

Our Association also encourages participation in the COP (Cellular on Patrol) program sponsored by the San Antonio Police, and the Northwest Neighborhoods Against Crime, Inc. in which we participate. There are three main benefits to participating in the COP program. (1) We learn how to protect our selves and our houses; (2) We learn how to recognize and protect our neighbors, and (3) We learn about trends and other problems in the City, which may not have reached our neighborhood yet.

Residents learn how to recognize and see the warning signs of such things as: —safety problems for themselves and their neighbors; — what actions attract a burglar; — things to do to avoid thefts, vandalism; — when and what to do about graffiti; and much other beneficial information.

A number of our residents have participated and continue to participate in the program. The Police Department has an excellent training program, which will benefit the residents even if they are not active members of the team. All residents are encouraged to learn about and to participate in the program.

For further information, go to the SAPD Website. You may also call the COP coordinator listed under the Directors.

City Code Compliance

Living by certain standards helps maintain our property values, and helps make our City and our neighborhood a safer, better and more enjoyable place to live. Some of these standards on a City-wide basis have been set out in the San Antonio City Code. Other standards are set out in the Deed Restrictions. Some examples of Code provisions include eliminating the storage of old and junk cars on our streets and yards, preventing the dumping of trash, tree limbs, old wooden fence sections in the drainage easements, and the prevention of operating a business in our residentially zoned neighborhood. We ask that all neighbors comply with the law and comply whenever a Code Compliance violation is brought to our attention. The procedure is for a resident to be informally notified of an asserted violation, usually by leaving the “Blue Card” with the alleged violation checked. If there are any questions, a resident should call the Board Code Compliance for an explanation of the violation. A resident may also contact the City Code Compliance Department for clarification. If, after explanation and discussion, the problem is not resolved, it is turned over to the City Code Compliance Department to enforce the violation.

Please comply with the law. It helps make us a better neighborhood.

Maintenance & Landscaping

One of the distinguishing features and benefits of living in Whispering Oaks is that the neighborhood association voluntarily maintains all the City street right-of-way along Wurzbach and Lockhill-Selma. We mow the grass, water the grass / maintain the sprinkler system, and clean up any trash in the right-of-way. We also trim the trees, as funds are available. Our Homeowner’s Association, not the developer, built our attractive eight (8) foot block wall around the neighborhood, and built the Entrance Monuments with Medians on both Wurzbach and Lockhill-Selma. We have planted and watered the plants there, and are in the process of re-landscaping the plants along Wurzbach.

Recently the Homeowner’s Association has also assumed maintenance and control over the Park located on Whisper Willow, which has included trimming the trees in the Park area, eliminated the small trees and brush along the drainage easement, cleaned the trash located at the end of the drainage easement, encouraged grass to grow in the park area, and have improved the sprinkler system.

This is a major job of the Association and sets us above and apart from many other neighborhoods.

School Liaison

The schools and their activities are an important part of our neighborhood life, concerning both the education of our children and our property values. The Whispering Oaks neighborhood is located in the Northside Independent School District. Our children attend Colonies North Elementary School, Hobby Middle School, and Clark High School. Some of our children have also attended the highly rated Health Careers High School. Even if a resident does not currently have a child in the school system, the school district does have a significant impact on our property values. If a resident does have one or more children in the school system, there are many activities and many questions, which arise, for which information or an answer may be needed.

Newsletter / Web Page

The purpose of the Newsletter and the Web page is to disseminate information within the neighborhood, and to facilitate communication among neighbors. The Newsletter of the Whispering Oaks Homeowners Association is called the “Whispers”, and is published monthly. The Whispers relates stories involving people and events in the neighborhood, and events and other matters, which have some impact on our neighborhood. Notice of meetings and other calendar items are sometimes included. Letters to the Editor and other issues are sometimes also included. The purpose of the Web page is to provide more timely notice of events and calendar related meetings and events. The Web page, when completed, should also be an on-going method of communication, rather than just a monthly communication.

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