Report a Potential Violation

If you believe a construction project may be underway within Whispering Oaks that failed to secure approvals from either WOHA or CoSA, please bring it to our attention. WOHA volunteers will investigate and engage CoSA inspectors as needed. Your report will remain confidential whenever reasonably feasible.

Plans for new construction and many types of alterations to existing properties within Whispering Oaks must be submitted for WOHA approval prior to project commencement. This design review process is intended to protect the integrity of the our neighborhood and insure compliance with WOHA Covenants.

Additionally, Whispering Oaks is designated as a Neighborhood Conservation District (NCD) by CoSA, and many types of property modifications must also conform with design standards set forth here. Consult the CoSA Building Department to determine if its NCD staff will need to review and approve plans prior to the permitting process.

Note: NCD approvals, building permits and other necessary permissions secured from CoSA do not override the WOHA review and approval process. Failing to secure the necessary approvals from all legal stakeholders prior to commencing work can lead to penalties such as property liens, legal costs and even removal of unapproved work.

Formal plans should first be approved by all CoSA stakeholders before revised plans and then submitted to WOHA for its review. Please allow up to 30 days for our committee to fulfill its duties, since some projects may require a vote by the WOHA board. 

Construction Approvals