Perimeter Wall

In 1985 WOHA led the creation of the decorative concrete block wall that lines Whispering Oaks along Wurzbach and Lockhill-Selma. It was a massive undertaking (read history here) that replaced the wood fences originally lining these increasingly busy roadways. 

The completed wall was then deeded to each of the 39 individual owners whose properties contained a section, thereby transferring upkeep and liability to these residents. The only exception is the wall section alongside the alley behind 11703 thru 11729 Whisper Dew which remains owned by WOHA. Deteriorating panels within this section were repaired in 2020 using funds from its Capital Fund.

WOHA Covenants restrict what property owners can do to their sections of the wall, and any changes or restoration must secure WOHA approval prior to work commencing.

WOHA pays for pressure washing the entire wall exterior about every 5 years and vines on the exterior are removed at that time. Vines reduce the wall's longevity and residents are encouraged to remove any that grow on their sections. 

The wall has been damaged by vehicles a few times over the years. Typically the motorist's insurance covers the repair, but may default to the property owner's insurance in some instances. WOHA maintains insurance only for the section of the wall it owns.