Because of COVID, the Annual Meeting was held outdoors at the Pool, with some 20 in attendance. Voting for the new Board was held prior to the meeting through mail-in ballots. President Esparza reported that, despite the decline in membership, the Board has actually come out ahead.


Despite the inevitable limitations, the budget Board saved about $9000, which can be used toward necessary major projects: repairing the parts of the perimeter wall that are WOHA’s (versus the property owner’s) responsibility and completing the entrance-lighting projects at Whisper Path and Whisper Willow.

These savings occurred because of re-negotiating the grounds- maintenance contract, by going to a drip-irrigation system, and by, unfortunately, having fewer events because of COVID.

Fiscal Year 2020 Accomplishments.  Vice-President Peter Lund reported on just some of the Board’s accomplishments this year (all of which were listed in the August-September issue of The Whispers):

  1. Completely revised and expanded website that now allows for online and monthly dues payment.

  2. Replacement of two parts of the perimeter wall.

  3. Lighting completed at Whisper Bow and that at Whisper Path begun.

  4. Turn lane at Whispering Wind begun.

  5. Oak Wilt Committee formed, which partners with Texas A&M Forestry Service

  6. Partnered with the Swim & Tennis Club to treat trees on Club property.

  7. Established stronger fiscal controls.

  8. Worked on a new Neighborhood Directory.

  9. Established an Events Calendar (interrupted by COVID).

  10. Enhanced neighborhood security by re-establishing Cellular on Patrol (COP).

  11. Developed a legacy fund for long-time residents


Officers Elected by the Board for Fy21: President: Simon Esparza, Vice-President: Peter Lund, Treasurer: Jay Pruski, Secretary: Evita Morín

Our Annual Meeting was a bit different in 2020.

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