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WOHA secures $170,000 for new Lockhill Selma public sidewalk extension.

The City of San Antonio has announced plans to install a sidewalk along the southern edge of Lockhill-Selma alongside Whispering Oaks. WOHA successfully lobbied Councilman John Courage for the pedestrian safety upgrade along this increasingly busy roadway and the district team secured the necessary funding.


The new concrete will link existing sidewalks which currently terminate at the Kolitz Academy on Dreamland and near 2618 Lockhill-Selma to the north. It is also expected to extend into our community up to 90 feet on the north side of both Whispering Wind and Whisper Path providing safer passage near these entrances. Nearby bus stops will remain as is.


The 4 foot sidewalk with curb will border the roadway whenever feasible, falling well within the City’s legal right of way for public improvements. The sidewalk’s path will meander a bit to reduce the need for tree removals, although it’s possible a few along the roadside will have to be sacrificed.


Sidewalk ramps will be installed at all intersections and driveways. Entrances to three residential driveways may need to be modified to ensure a level surface meets standards for a continuous public walkway. Mailboxes will also be relocated at no expense to the homeowners.


Site preparation will begin in late January. The project is expected to take up to 5 weeks but could run longer if obstacles arise. Crews are expected to temporarily modify traffic lanes, but flow in both directions is expected to be maintained at all times. Motorists are encouraged to avoid the roadway during construction to avoid delays.


The roadway will not be widened and its northern edge will not be modified. WOHA continues to lobby the City for widening of Lockhill Selma’s two-lane stretch, however that project could cost nearly $3 million due to relocation of utility poles and potential bridge expansion. Such funding would most likely come from a future bond if approved by voters. In the meantime, City engineers designed the new sidewalk knowing that future expansion would likely impact the roadway’s northern edge.


WOHA thanks its members whose support makes on-going advocacy for community improvements of this type feasible.

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