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2023 WOHA Annual Meeting well attended.

Dozens of member households attended the 2023 WOHA Annual Meeting on September 17 at Hobby Middle School. This year's agenda was a busy one with residents casting votes for several issues and therefore access was limited just to members this year.

Modest changes were approved to the organization's By-Laws including re-aligning the fiscal year to calendar year timing. This change was recommended by WOHA's Treasurer and also its CPA. As a result, the current fiscal year and all following will end on December 31, and the next Annual Meeting will not be held until January 2025.

The group debated several proposed revisions to the Community Covenants which apply to all Whispering Oaks households. Any amendments to these restrictions installed by the community's builders over 50 years ago would need to be approved by the majority of property owners to take effect. WOHA may solicit a community-wide ballot in 2024.

The Board recommended amendments to protect the community in a modern world. Restrictions on Short Term Rental properties and similarly intrusive home businesses received solid support, as did common sense safeguards to mitigate the spread of oak wilt. Limiting inoperable vehicles from being parked in driveways for prolonged periods and expanded yard maintenance rules were also widely supported by the attendees. 


The Board proposed a new Common Area Fund to help pay for on-going landscaping and maintenance costs associated with the community entrances and perimeter. The fund would delay a potential increase in membership dues, which despite inflation have remained constant since 2016. Look for more information on this proposal in the coming months.

Board elections were held and several new members were added: Juan Maldonado, Michael Nash, Corie Dilley, and Kennedy Asel will receive an orientation before their first board meeting in October. Directors serve two year terms and typically head a key committee.

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