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Perimeter Wall

In 1985, WOHA led the creation of the decorative concrete block wall that lines Whispering Oaks along Wurzbach and Lockhill-Selma. It was one of the community’s largest undertakings and a costly, complex endeavor which greatly enhanced the neighborhood's appearance.

Owners of 37 properties agreed to receive sections, which were often subsidized by funds contributed by hundreds of neighbors. Besides providing a taller, superior sound barrier along increasingly busy roadways, the masonry wall would be maintenance-free for decades sparing these property owners periodic repair and replacement expenses associated with a wooden fence.

In return, all recipients accepted ownership of their sections and committed to provide on-going insurance and pay for future repairs which could be mandated by WOHA. This agreement was ratified as a contract permanently attached to each property’s deed, which thereby automatically transfers to all subsequent owners regardless of WOHA membership status. Ten of the agreements include curved sections, known as monuments, featuring engraved lettering near the community entrances. The only section of the wall that remains under WOHA ownership is alongside a CoSA alleyway behind 11703 thru 11729 Whisper Dew.


In most cases, the wall was built on the edge of each property and all land outside the wall and along roadways belongs to the City. WOHA landscapes and maintains much of these public lands using funds collected via membership dues. WOHA also pays for pressure washing the entire wall exterior every few years and vines are removed at that time. 

In 2022, WOHA mailed a courtesy reminder to the respective wall owners and provided advice on how to increase its longevity and avoid costly repairs (click adjacent box to view). Wall sections at risk of collapse pose serious liability risk for the homeowner and should be repaired in a timely manner.

The wall has been damaged by vehicles a few times over the decades. Typically the motorist's insurance covers the repair, but may default to the property owner's insurance in some instances. WOHA maintains insurance only for the few sections it owns along Wurzbach. Owners are therefore strongly encouraged to verify sufficient insurance policy coverage with their agent.

Deed restrictions specify that the wall cannot be removed or modified without prior approval from WOHA which is legally entrusted to ensure this community investment is maintained. Send us a message if repairs are imminent.

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