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Longtime residents know the value of a pleasant, safe neighborhood to raise a family. That's why some asked WOHA to create an easy way for them to include Whispering Oaks in their estate planning.

The Legacy Fund is a flexible way to ensure Whispering Oaks remains one of San Antonio's most admired and desired communities for decades to come. Unlike the Capital Fund, this option allows the donor to underwrite specific needs or enhancements that will have a lasting impact. Family naming rights can even be awarded for major projects.

While not required, donors can specify how their gift be utilized or even become a Title Sponsor of a project already identified by the Board. The Legacy Fund enables the donor to select a community enhancement that reflects the joy their family found in Whispering Oaks and share it with future residents.

Earmarking a gift to the community can be as simple as adding WOHA as a beneficiary on an investment account or insurance policy. Modifying an existing will or engaging an attorney is not necessary. Rest assured, commitments remain no-obligation to give the donor peace of mind should their financial plans change.  

Click to print the Advisory Form which will notify WOHA that a gift has been designated. Have questions? Send our Treasurer a message via this website.

Legacy Fund

elderly residents in whispering oaks san antonio texas
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