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Whispering Oaks was designated a NCD by CoSA in 2005. This status invokes supplemental design standards to the Municipal Code intended to preserve the character and integrity of the neighborhood.

NCD requirements mostly apply to the yard and exterior of a home. CoSA has dedicated NCD staff who participate in the review of potential plans and pursue corrective action for violations. When applying for a building permit, it is recommended to verify that NCD staff have been consulted.

Similar to the Covenants, NCD requirements can take precedent over common ordinances in the Municipal Code. Therefore, some enhancements allowed in other neighborhoods may be prohibited within Whispering Oaks. Some examples include:

  • Fences may not extend past a home's facade.

  • Chain link fences are prohibited.

  • Driveways must be concrete, asphalt or similar.

  • Driveways must not cover more than 50% of front yard.

  • Either a two-car garage or equivilant carport must be maintained.

  • Signage on property is restricted.

Click to view the full list of NCD design standards that apply to Whispering Oaks.

Neighborhood Conservation District

Brick house
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