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Report a Potential Violation

If you believe a construction project may be underway within Whispering Oaks that failed to secure necessary approvals, please send us a message. Your report can remain confidential.

CoSA Ordinances mandate that many types of alterations to properties within Whispering Oaks secure permits before work begins and inspections when it is completed. This may apply to renovations to both homes and yards.


Start the process with the CoSA Development Services Dept at 1901 South Alamo St. Its staff is available for no-cost, drop-in consultation of your concept. Building Code, Zoning and Neighborhood Conservation District requirements will be verified before a permit is issued. Most permits are inexpensive and some can be secured online.


WOHA monitors construction activity within the community to ensure compliance. Failing to obtain permits and approvals from all legal stakeholders can lead to costly penalties, property liens, legal expense, and even removal of unauthorized work.

Although the Community Covenants do not require plans to be submitted to WOHA for review, our volunteers are available to provide guidance and advice. Click to contact us. 

Construction Protocols

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