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Capital Fund

Whispering Oaks membership dues can't always cover large or unforeseen expenses. Thankfully we have the Capital Fund, which has proven itself to be an important safeguard for our community time and again.

The fund recently covered costly repairs to our 35 year old perimeter wall along Wurzbach. Sections of concrete block were buckling and posed a serious risk and liability. The WOHA Board was able to move swiftly to address the problem, without having to launch a dedicated fundraising campaign which could have taken months.

Nimble response to problems with our aging infrastructure is just one of the reasons the Capital Fund was created. It also underwrites prominent enhancements to the neighborhood, such as the continued expansion of landscape lighting at our entrances which helps improve motorist and pedestrian safety.

Please join the dozens of residents who make periodic contributions to the Capital Fund. Or for estate gifts, visit our Legacy Fund page. Your donation can be made online via credit card or by mailing a check. 

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Donate any amount you desire.  Every penny goes back into our neighborhood.

Donating to the Capital Fund online is fast and secure via Paypal. It eliminates the hassle of finding your checkbook or a stamp. To make a one-time donation, you don't need to have an existing Paypal account to process your choice of credit or debit payment. However, to set-up on-going Auto-Payments on a monthly or annual basis, a Paypal account is necessary. Of course, if you prefer to pay via check just click the appropriate button to print a mail-in form.

Is your donation tax deductible? Unfortunately not. Although WOHA is a non-profit organization, the IRS does not consider contributions to it as tax deductible. 



One-Time or Auto-Pay

WOHA volunteers are available to answer questions, help set up your account online or process your payment over the phone. Simply contact us with your request and allow us a few days to follow up.

Need assistance?

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