WOHA Board Leadership

President: Simon Esparza

First Vice President: Pam Harrison Martinez

Second Vice President: Peter Lund

Treasurer: Jay Pruski

Secretary: Maricela Maldonado

Newsletter: Dr. Richard Pressman (Director)

Communications: Samantha Foster (Director)

Membership / Fundraising: Peter Lund

Welcome / Social: Debra Esparza (Director)

Maintenance / Infrastructure: Simon Esparza

Governmental Affairs: Rick Lopez (Director)

Oak Wilt Abatement: JoAnn Aguilera (Director)

Architectural Review: Janis Witt (Director)

Volunteers Needed

WOHA is always looking for new volunteers to join the board, serve on one of the committees listed above, or create a new capability for the organization.‚Äč Please contact us to lend a hand.

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