Information on every property in Whispering Oaks can be found in the Community Directory which is published by WOHA every few years. The latest version is underway and will be distributed in January 2021.

The directory helps neighbors connect with each other and enables immediate communication during an emergency. WOHA strongly encourages posting a cell phone number in the directory for this reason, however residents can request that phone and email be withheld from publication.

Default data is sourced from the Bexar County Appraisal District records which are accessible to the public, and then supplemented with WOHA records. WOHA mails a letter to residents before each edition is printed allowing revisions to be requested.  The revision deadline for the next edition is December 5, 2020.

The directory is not currently accessible online.  It is made available only to residents and property owners, not third parties such as businesses. Current WOHA members receive a complimentary copy, and non-members are able to purchase.

Questions?  Send us a message here.

Community Directory

Community Maps

These detailed maps show every street and address in Whispering Oaks. Maps are reasonably accurate scale and can be printed.


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West Side Map

map for whispering oaks san antonio texas

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East Side Map

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