Information on every property in Whispering Oaks can be found in the WOHA Directory which is made available only to residents via this site or a published version distributed within the community every few years. 

The directory helps neighbors connect with each other and enables immediate communication regarding urgent matters. WOHA strongly encourages posting a cell phone number in the directory for this reason.

Default data is sourced from the Bexar County Appraisal District records which are accessible to the public. This information may be incorrect or incomplete, therefore WOHA encourages residents to review their household data periodically and send WOHA a message with any revisions desired.

If you prefer not to have your phone number or email on file be visible in the directory, please send WOHA a message clarifying if either or both should be suppressed.

Resident Directory

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Community Maps

These detailed maps show every street and address in Whispering Oaks. Maps are reasonably accurate scale and can be printed.


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West Side Map

map for whispering oaks san antonio texas

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East Side Map

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