Community Covenants

Every property within Whispering Oaks is required by law to adhere to WOHA Covenants which are legally incorporated into every property's Deed Restrictions. These neighborhood-specific rules were established by our community's original developers circa 1968 and are automatically included in every purchase or transfer of property in Whispering Oaks. No property is exempt from these restrictions.

Covenants are intended to safeguard Whispering Oaks property values, maintain neighborhood integrity and reduce conflict among residents. They are supplemental to CoSA Codes and Ordinances, such as the Building Code, and often address common hot-button issues such as:


  • yard debris

  • fencing

  • pets

  • vehicle or trailer parking

  • nuisances and disturbances

  • new construction or alterations to existing structures  

All residents, including renters, are legally bound to the Covenants, regardless of WOHA membership status. Property owners whose renters or guests violate the Covenants can be held liable for consequences.


It is the responsibility of WOHA to enforce the rules on behalf of the community. Owners of properties that are in violation typically receive a courtesy notice requesting adherance. Failing to correct a violation in a timely manner may result in legal proceedings and financial liability for the associated costs.

Please note, Whispering Oaks is divided into over a dozen Neighborhood Conservation Districts and the Covenants vary slightly between these NCD "Units". Click the box to view one example. Refer to your property's deed for your actual Covenants.

Residents may report possible Covenant or City Code violations to WOHA. However please be advised, WOHA generally defers to CoSA to enforce its regulations. Therefore, if your issue is likely a City Code violation, for fastest results please contact the CoSA Service Center first by dialing 311. Then alert WOHA so we can help monitor CoSA followup as appropriate.

Conversely, if the issue violates only WOHA Covenants, then WOHA will investigate since CoSA has no jurisdiction over such matters. When in doubt, dial 311 first and the CoSA attendant will clarify if the issue falls under the City's jurisdiction.

Lastly, WOHA is an all-volunteer organization and its board members may not be available to respond to urgent matters.  For emergencies, always dial 911 first.

As mentioned above, WOHA Covenants are supplemental to City of San Antonio Codes and Ordinances which address a broad range of community issues. Click the button to access these regulations on the City's website. Dial 311 to report a potential violation.

CoSA Code & Ordinances

covenants for whispering oaks san antonio texas
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WOHA Covenants for Units 1-2 (others vary only slightly)

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