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Many suburban properties have some type of easement which allows others to obtain legal access and use of the designated area. A common type of easement in Whispering Oaks is for utilities, and occasionally utility companies will be granted access by CoSA to maintain or install equipment such as cables within these easements. Utility easements often include land within several feet of curbs or even along fences separating two properties. The Municipal Code limits what a property owner can build or install within an easement.


In 2018, AT&T hired a contractor to lay fiber optic cable throughout Whispering Oaks. The ensuing construction was highly disruptive and many residents were dismayed to learn their property had a legal easement which allowed modifications of longstanding landscaping which had encroached upon the easement. Therefore, WOHA encourages all property owners to clarify the existence or any easements and understand the rules and restrictions that govern them.


Easements and similar Rights of Way should be visible on a property's survey, which may be on file with the CoSA Zoning Department (1901 South Alamo St). Zoning staff can also clarify a property owner's rights when access is granted and how to avoid disruption to landscaping.

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