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Selling your Home

Each year 6-8% of Whispering Oaks homes are offered for sale. WOHA strongly encourages homeowners preparing to sell a property to discuss the following with the listing real estate agent:


Disclosure Statements. Texas law requires sellers to disclose critical issues to prespective buyers. Typically the listing agent will provide the seller with the appropriate forms that will prompt a wide variety of potential concerns. Sellers that fail to adequately detail known issues may be held liable for fraud by the buyer. WOHA encourages sellers to disclose the following:

  • Modifications made without proper City permits and inspections.

  • Conversion of a garage into habitable space, such as a bedroom or den, without written approval from WOHA.

  • Disputes with neighbors, WOHA or the City of San Antonio.

  • Legal ownership of the perimeter wall along Wurzbach and Lockhill Selma.

  • Known current or encroaching Oak Wilt threats.

Neighborhood Conservation District. Many real estate agents are not aware that the City of San Antonio designated Whispering Oaks a NCD in 2005. Buyers should be made aware of the ensuing design restrictions that apply to all properties.

Community Covenants. Many real estate agents are not aware of these legally binding deed restrictions that apply to every Whispering Oaks property regardless of HOA membership status. Buyers should be aware of these restrictions attached to every property's deed within our community.

Flood Zone. FEMA periodically updates county maps that identify risk for flooding. Buyers should be made aware that some properties within Whispering Oaks fall within these risk zones. The listing agent should verify if this designation applies.

Homeowners Association. Many real estate agents are not aware that Whispering Oaks does have an active HOA. Buyers should be made aware membership is voluntary and does not include access to the Swim & Tennis Club which is a separate organization.

Resale Certificates

When a home is being sold, mandatory HOA's often charge a fee to issue a Resale Certificate providing a statement of the membership account. Because WOHA is a voluntary HOA, this certificate is not necessary and will not be issued.

Renting your Home

The Whispering Oaks Community Covenants do not prohibit owners from renting their properties within the limits allowed by law. Please be advised that offering to sublet any portion of a property for less that 31 consecutive days constitutes a short term rental under City ordinances. This includes short term roommates who provide any form of compensation to the property owner.

A permit is required from the City for most rental properties and occupancy taxes may be levied. Failing to register properly can lead to stiff penalties and a court order to cease operations. Owners who do not live on-site should notify WOHA and keep contact information up to date.

Short Term Rentals (AirBnb)

The Whispering Oaks Community Covenants do not currently prohibit short term rental properties, but that could change in the future. There is no legal guarantee that existing permit holders would be allowed to continue operation. Operators are advised to invest at their own risk.

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