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Reporting Potential Violations

Residents are encouraged to report potential City Code or Community Covenant violations to WOHA by sending a message from this website. However, the type of problem dictates where to start and what to expect from WOHA.

The vast majority of problems that arise are City Code violations, and therefore enforced by CoSA staff: SAPD, Building Inspectors or Code Enforcement Officers. Please understand that WOHA has no more legal standing to pursue City Code violations than you do, however our volunteers may still be of assistance.


WOHA may help ensure CoSA staff follow through on properly filed complaints which pose a significant risk or troublesome precedent for Whispering Oaks. And in some cases, our volunteers will speak directly to the property owners asking for compliance with a concern that is pending CoSA investigation.

For urgent conerns, dial 311 first. WOHA volunteers will simply not see your message in time to assist an urgent problem, however CoSA staff will be dispatched promptly. And of course, for emergencies always dial 911 first.

See the adjacent box for some of the most common City Code violations that legally fall under the jurisdiction of CoSA.

To report potential City Code violations:

  • Dial 311 to reach the CoSA Service Center. The operator will dispatch staff for investigation or refer you to the appropriate agency to handle. Your report can be made anonymously.

  • The operator will provide a Case Number. Share it with WOHA via a message from this website. Allow up to 5 working days for a response. WOHA will advise if the issue merits its monitoring to ensure the issue is investigated and resolved properly by CoSA staff or if our volunteers will attempt to speak with the property owner directly about the violation being investigated by CoSA.

Please be advised that Whispering Oaks has several community-specific regulations, known as Community Covenants, for which CoSA has no knowledge or jurisdiction and therefore will not enforce.

To report potential Whispering Oaks Covenant violations:

  • Send WOHA a message via this website. Allow up to 5 working days for a reply. Your concern will remain confidential whenever feasible.

  • ALL urgent matters
  • Vehicles or trailers parked improperly in street
  • Noise (late parties, domestic disputes, barking dogs)
  • Roadway repairs
  • Roadside dumping
  • Debris in yard or street
  • Lawn over 12" height
  • Fence in disrepair
  • Standing water / Mosquito risk
  • Animal nuisance or control
Contact WOHA first:
  • Trailers, campers parked in driveway
  • Home remodeling possibly without permits
  • Fence or shed installation possibly without permits
  • Political yard sign not in compliance with state law 
  • Non-political yard sign
  • Dead tree
  • Improper Oak tree trimming
  • Outdoor pet other than dog or cat
  • Damage to WOHA perimeter wall or entrance monument

Not sure if your concern is a City Code or Community Covenant violation?  Call 311 first and the operator will clairfy.

Disputes between Neighbors

Unfortunately, disagreements between neighbors can arise which can't be easily resolved. Please be advised, WOHA will not intervene in conflicts that do not violate Community Covenants or pose a serious threat to the community by violating City Code. Therefore, when neighbors can't resolve their differences, WOHA recommends two options that can help:



Contact the SAPD officer assigned to Whispering Oaks via its SAFFE program. These officers are available to help deter crime and alleviate neighborhood tensions within their beat.

SAFFE Officer Troy Holmes (Zone P-06): 210-400-0790

Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center

Low or no cost non-binding mediation services can help deescalate conflicts and avoid court procedings.

210-335-2128      visit website

Dial 311 first (then send Case Number to WOHA):
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